SRI 30% Clear Sealer

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SRI 30% Clear Sealer

Acrylic Concrete Sealer

SRI 30 Clear Sealer- is a pure acrylic polymer solution. It naturally resists the yellowing process. SRI 30 Clear Sealer – leaves a film forming membrane which achieves both a protective and decorative finish.

SRI 30 Clear Sealer – coatings dry by solvent evaporation to a tough protective film that adheres well to metal, concrete, and other masonry surfaces. The coatings have excellent resistance to U.V. light, water, and a wide variety of chemicals. Typical properties of SRI 30 Clear Sealer are given in Table I.

Table I

Typical properties of SRI 30 Clear Sealer

Form Solution
Solids Content, % 30+ or – 1
Specific Gravity 0.92
Pounds/Gallon 7. 7
Gallons/Pound 0.12
Appearance Clear Solution
Color,Gardner 1 max (1933 series)
Dry Time @ 73ºF, 50% RH < 1 hour
Foot traffic 2-4 hours
Auto traffic 24 hours


Chemical Resistance
The chemical resistance of SRI 30 Clear Sealer to strong reagents after 24 hours of exposure was determined on 1-mil dry films that had been cast on glass plates. The observations appear in Table II.

Table II

Reagent Appearance
Acetic Acid, Glacial Blistering
Hydrochloric Acid, Conc Loss of gloss
Nitric Acid, Conc Slight Blistering
Sulfuric Acid, Conc No Change
Sodium Hydroxide, 50% No Change
Gasoline Softened
Motor Oil, SAE 20 No Change


ASTM C-309, Type 1. Class A & B Passes
ASTM C-1315 Passes
AASHTO Specification M-148 Passes
USDA Passes
EPA 40 CPR Part D for Concrete curing & sealing Passes