SRI 25% Clear Sealer

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SRI 25% Clear Sealer

Acrylic Concrete Sealer



SRI 25% Clear Sealer is a tough, high solids (25%), pure acrylic concrete sealer in a solvent base. It is designed to protect and beautify all types of concrete with a high gloss durable clear coating. SRI 25% Clear Sealer is non-yellowing to preserve the appearance of all types of decorative concrete.


SRI 25% Clear Sealer protects and beautifies all types of concrete such as colored, stamped, and exposed aggregate. It also protects pavers, terrazzo, stones, and stained concrete. SRI 25% Clear Sealer can also protect and add gloss to Chattahoochee stone. Paver joints will be stabilized and pavers will be sealed.


Use brush for cutting in tight spots. Use short nap roller for smooth concrete and longer nap roller for rough concrete. If using tray, do not use thin plastic. Use metal or heavy duty plastic container. Alternately an airless sprayer can be used.


  • Two coats are recommended. One coat application is possible if applied at proper rate and cross-rolled.
  • Exposed Aggregate concrete-Apply at rate of 100 square feet per gallon
  • Textured and stamped concrete-200 square feet per gallon
  • Broomed concrete-NOT recommended due to highlighting of imperfections in concrete and darkening of concrete.
  • Trowel finish, tile, terrazzo and other slick surfaces-Apply at rate of 300 square feet per gallon.
  • Pavers- 100 square feet per gallon. Use metal sprayer.


Clean dirt, wax, grease, oil and other contaminants from the surface. Be sure to remove any foreign coating unless previous coating is same or similar oil based sealer or stain. Make sure the surface is clean, dry and sound. Clean oily concrete with SRI CONCRETE CLEANER DEGREASER or other degreasing soap. Use a bristle brush for heavily oiled spots. If surface is slick, etch with SRI ETCH & CLEAN. Rinse well with a pressure washer. Allow 24 hours to dry. Apply only when surface and air temperatures are above 50° F and below 90° F. Do not apply to excessively hot surfaces as rapid drying may cause bubbles to form. For pavers, sweep away any loose sand.


Wear Safety glasses and gloves.


Brush may be used where roller won’t reach. Do not pour directly from can to concrete. Apply evenly from can or other metal container with appropriate roller. Use a long nap roller for exposed aggregate, a medium nap roller for textured surfaces and a short nap roller for smooth surfaces. Keep roller soaked by dipping on every stroke. Every few feet turn perpendicular to the first coat, and cross roll without re-dipping. Wait until the surface is tack-free before applying a second coat. The continual dipping with the first coat gives a heavy application and the cross-rolling allows for an even application. If spraying, use a metal container and clean up immediately with aromatic solvent such as A-100, Xylene, toluene, or lacquer thinner containing the previously mentioned solvents. Do not thin product.


Dries to walk on in 4 hours to a glossy shine. May be driven on in approximately 72 hours. Cooler temperatures will increase drying time significantly.


SRI SUPER SEALER WAX is recommended for slick troweled interior or covered concrete, such as garage floors. SRI SUPER SEALER WAX will add a deep gloss finish. It is a sacrificial coating that adds scuff and skid resistance. SRI SUPER SEALER WAX protects the SRI 25% Clear Sealer, and will add to the life of the coating and should be re-applied as necessary as a part of your routine maintenance.


On slick concrete floors, you may add SRI SUPER GRIP as a non-skid paint additive to the second coat of SRI 25% Clear Sealer.


Clean application tools and equipment with Aromatic Solvent such as A-100, Toluene, Xylene, or Lacquer Thinner containing one or more of the previously listed ingredients. These solvents are flammable, and proper caution should be exercised.


Product will not freeze. Re-seal unused product completely and store in ventilated area away from open flames. One gallon can will close by hammering lid on can. Five gallon pail cannot be adequately re-sealed. If you smell solvent after closing lid, finish using product or discard.


Clean floor with water. Do not use ammonia based cleaners. For interior floors SRI SUPER SEALER WAX is recommended as sacrificial coating to protect the hard sealer film from scratching.


Not recommended for brick due to bricks tendency to absorb moisture from under seal. Sealer will melt plastic, asphalt, or any petroleum-based product. Any surfaces not mentioned should be tested in small areas before applying sealer. NOTE: Gasoline and other Auto parts cleaners containing hot solvents will melt stain. Wiping will smear stain. Allow to dry. Either leave be for protection or re-coat with stain for best appearance. If floor will be regularly exposed to chemicals, it is highly recommended that you test a spot before proceeding with whole floor.


If discoloration, streaking, splotching, and/or cracking occurs, it is usually due to insufficient coating (see Application rates). A second coat is recommended. If fogginess occurs due to insufficient drying of concrete beforehand, apply an aromatic solvent such as A-100, Xylene, toluene, or lacquer thinner containing the aforementioned solvents to melt sealer and release moisture. If buildup occurs due to years of repeated application, application of aromatic solvent such as A-100, Xylene, toluene, or lacquer thinner is recommended to restore shine. Protective coating
should last 2-4 years. However, the gloss will fade sooner if exposed to the sun. Bubbles may sometimes occur, but will dissipate and not affect the seal. SRI 25% Clear Sealer may be used on fresh concrete to cure and seal and on old concrete to protect and beautify.


Since Sentury Reagents Inc. has no control over handling, use or storage; no guarantee expressed or implied, is offered. Sentury Reagents Inc .warrants the product to be free of defects and will replace or refund the purchase price of said products proven defective. Labor cost and/or other consequential damages are not covered by this warranty. Responsibility for claims of any kind is strictly limited to the purchase price of the product. The suitability of the product for any extended use shall be solely up to the user.


Contains Aromatic Solvent Petroleum Distillate. It is Flammable: Avoid Heat, Sparks and Flames. Extinguish all open flames in area including pilot lights. Do not Smoke. If eye irritation, headaches or dizziness occur, leave area. Wearing respiratory protection is helpful. Reseal tightly after using; avoid skin contact. Use only with adequate ventilation. Do not transfer contents into another container. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN


  • EYES: Flush with water.
  • INHALATION: Move to fresh air.
  • INGESTION: Do not induce vomiting. Seek medical attention immediately.
  • SKIN: Wash with soap and water.

Technical Data

Finish High Gloss
Color Clear
Dry Time 4 hours for foot traffic & 72 hours for auto traffic
Recoat Time When 1st coat is tack-free
Coats recommended 2 coats
Coverage 100-300 ft.2/gallon depending on porosity of concrete
Resin Acrylic
Solvent Petroleum Naphtha Aromatic Hydrocarbon
Weight Per Gallon 7.5 +/-
Flash Point 105° F
Nonvolatile by weight 25%


VOC <700 g/L (<350 g/l for Low VOC version)
ASTM C-1315 Passes
D.O.T. Paint / 2 / UN1263 / PGIII (PG II Low VOC version)



Acrylic polymer Trade Secret
Aromatic Hydrocarbon 64742-95-6
Toluene 108-88-3
Aliphatic Hydrocarbon 8052-41-3