About Us

SRI Concrete Products is a division of Sentury Reagents, Inc


Since 1974 Sentury Reagents has been manufacturing high quality chemicals. During those years we have been producing millions of pounds of chemicals per year and have been shipping throughout the world. Our analytical labs ensure that all products meet exacting specifications, guaranteeing that clients receive the same superior quality time after time.

Having served as a supplier of chemical ingredients to clients in the concrete chemical stain business, we decided in 2005 to expand our activities. We formed SRI Concrete Products as a division of Sentury Reagents and adopted “Renaissance™” as our own brand of concrete chemical stains.

SRI Concrete Products intends to become a one-stop source for decorative concrete needs. In addition to Renaissance™ Concrete Chemical Stains, we currently offer SRI™ Sealers and SRI™ Overlay Systems. More offerings are on the way.

Located just outside Charlotte, North Carolina, SRI Concrete Products is in a prime location to ship anywhere throughout the United States as well as overseas. Our years of experience in the chemical business ensure that our customers will receive knowledgeable, professional service and superior products.